The 7 day short course designed to get you to STOP PROCRASTINATING and start living now!

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Sick of half-arsing your life?

​2020 has been HARD! It's no surprise so many of us have lacked motivation, willpower and been stuck in a never ending cycle of overwhelm and procrastination.


I want to help you out of that. I'm Gemma Ray, best selling author, productivity queen and master at helping people level up their lives.


Give me 7 days and I'll help you #PullYourFingerOut to find your inner motivation, get clarity, stop procrastinating and start living.

    Get More Done, Feel Less Stressed

    Procrastination has been a perfectly normal coping mechanism in 2020.


    There has been no right or wrong way to respond in a pandemic and if you have found yourself struggling to focus, please don't be too hard on yourself.


    There IS a way out of procrastination that doesn't require a military bootcamp drill sergeant shouting in your face or a dramatic life event to shock you into action.


    All you need is a few minutes each day for 7 days to re-establish trust with yourself, gain clarity on what you want to achieve and create a solid plan of action to move forwards and achieve success.

    £47 £27/One Time Payment

    Short Daily Videos

    Every day I'll send you a short daily video with the details of that day's tasks and focus.


    They're purposely short and sweet so you can consume each daily video in bitesized, manageable chunks.

    Powerful Workbooks

    Get clarity, start to feel less stressed and reduce your overwhelm with the daily workbooks.


    Bursting with powerful mindset shifting exercises to create a future strategy for success.  

    Learn How to Succeed

    Find your inner fire and motivation to move forwards with clear action steps that will help you achieve your goals.


    Create the right strategy for YOU to maintain momentum, increase productivity and develop laser focus.

    Before you go... If you're really struggling with procrastination, my short course might help

    Get clarity, devise a plan, fire up your motivation and get ready to #PullYourFingerOut in 7 days!

    The Perfect Accompaniment to the Book

    The irony is not lost on me that in order to read a book about overcoming procrastination, you have to procrastinate and read the book!  Or... you might procrastinate on starting reading in the first place. That's completely cool and it's also the reason I created this short course.

      Take Action NOW

      The fastest way out of procrastination is to take action and take it immediately. Let's get you back on track together within the next week and have you firing on all cylinders!


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      £47 £27/One Time Payment

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      How to Stop Procrastinating 

      - your short course at a glance

      My short 7 day course will walk you through some powerful strategies and a process of self-discovery to help you #PullYourFingerOut and take action with renewed enthusiasm, energy and motivation.

      • DAY 1


        Discover the importance of forgiveness when it comes to overcoming procrastination for good.

      • DAY 2


        When do you work best? Morning or night?  Find out the right time for you to tackle your tasks and focus on a winning routine that will help you get sh*t done! All you need is 15 minutes per day.

      • DAY 3


        What do you currently do for your mental, physical and emotional health? Even if your health is not your focus right now, it is super valuable auditing your healthy habits to help you achieve success in every area of your life.

      • DAY 4


        Constantly feel like you don't have time? Learn the tried and testing time management methods steeped in science. Learn how to feel like you have MORE time.

      • DAY 5


        Learn the secret formula for getting the things done that you keep saying you're going to do then putting off! Day 5 will delve into the super powerful strategy of setting intentions and keeping your promises to yourself.

      • DAY 6


        Your environment is everything. From your surroundings to what you expose yourself to and the people you share your energy with. Learn the environmental cues that will instantly put you into action mode.

      • DAY 7


        Your future success is down to YOU and specifically who on earth you think you are. On the final day of our intensive and immersive short course, learn the hacks that will help you finally step into the 'super' version of you. You're going to love the new you!


      Helping Others Live Life That Little Bit Better

      £47 £27/One Time Payment

      I don't do discipline like anyone else. I help people who want to live life that little bit better to Level:Up in all areas of their lives without barking orders like its bootcamp or making you commit to anything unrealistic. I believe in helping people re-establish self-trust and self-belief to achieve their goals.

      Gem is a talent with a big heart. She helps people grow in a short space of time and is a master at getting you out of your own way and into action. She should also be a comedian! 

      Claire Morton

      The Purpose Pusher - Performance Coach 

      The course brought a lot of clarity to loose ends in life which needed to be tied up in a specific order. It has been beneficial to filter positive thoughts from the negative and to gain accountability.

      Nick Ainsworth

      I needed a kick and to push myself out of procrastination. I enjoyed the course and found it so helpful to give me a plan moving forwards after the stress of the pandemic.

      Andy Pente


      Take Action NOW

      The fastest way out of procrastination is to take action and take it immediately. Let's get you back on track together within the next week and have you firing on all cylinders!


      £20 off until 24/12/20 | discount automatically applied at checkout

      £47 £27/One Time Payment

      100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Your most asked questions, answered.

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